Children Usability Test Results

I would like to share some results of a usability test with 8 children, between 6 & 11 years old, I did last week. It was a fun & very insightful experience for a project I am coordinating.

Without going too much into detail, the website we are making consists of a lot of different building blocks: video, games, self-expression, community block,… So there was a lot to ‘see’.

The results I want to share are generalizations of the childrens behavior we saw during the tests on our website. The children conducted the tests with laptop and mouse.

  • If you ask children: search for X on the website, they use the searchbox. All of them. They clearly ‘google’ their way on the internet.
  • Children constantly use the backbutton. They search: they use the backbutton to go back. They play, they watch: they go back with the backbutton.
  • Children don’t understand tabs. Whenever they open a link that opens in a different tab, they lose their backbutton to go back. They can’t get around this without help. Don’t break their flow.
  • Uploading something from a computer, like a photo, is something they are not used too. Whenever the upload tool comes to the part of the computer where explorer opens, with the harddrives, desktop,…, they were completely lost.
  • They know very well how to use the webcam. This doesn’t break the website XP as uploading a file from the computer.
  • 6 – 7 years old only want to play games. From 8 on the first reflex is playing games but after a while they also want to try other things.
  • They all needed help finding the @ on a keyboard. (also on the apple, some work here for the manufacturers)

If you had other results doing usability testing for children, feel free to share your experience.

  1. #1 by Valerie on March 6, 2012 - 1:55 pm

    Very interesting findings. What strikes me is that they aren’t interested in the community. Following psychological development theories social behavior should be very popular as they are focused on social rules, groups, communities,… Can you tell me a little bit more by that?

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